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The multiple Oakdale stove has all the charm of a traditional cast iron stove combined with the latest technology and features a powerful air wash system along with highly efficient controls. DEFRA approval means that the Oakdale can be used to burn wood in smoke controlled zones, so whether you live in the town or the country you can enjoy a crackling log fire The Oakdale can also be used to burn a variety of smokeless fuels.

  • High quality solid cast iron construction for durability and efficient heat transfer
  • DEFRA approved – you can now burn wood in smoke controlled zones
  • 5kw nominal output – suitable for a wide range of room sizes
  • Multifuel – can be used with wood and smokeless fuel
  • Large glass window for a relaxing view of the flames
  • Very powerful air wash to help keep the glass panel free of deposits
  • Adjustable log guard for either wood or solid fuel
  • Available in Traditional black stove paint finish or luxurious black, majolica brown or buttermilk gloss enamel finishes
  • Brushed steel handle
  • Can be connected to a direct air supply
  • 5 year warranty